Lady in the Water Exclusive Lady in the Water ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video has posted an exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at the film “Lady in the Water”. I have watched this clip, and it’s pretty safe to watch. Shyamalan explains the basics of the story, we get to see some more of the tenants from The Cove, and hear some of the score. I can’t wait to see this movie!

(Exclusive ‘Lady in the Water’ video – watch at your own risk, )

3 Responses to “ Exclusive Lady in the Water ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video”

  1. MNightFan430 says:

    It's ok everyone!!! Nothing was revealed! I liked it and now I can't wait! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 9 more days!!! Yes… 🙂

  2. wags says:

    wow, I am so excited now! And now, in 1.5 hours, I get to see the HBO first look. What a day!

  3. SH K says:

    Yay….i'm gonna watch it then.



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