The Happening

Ashlyn Sanchez joins cast of The Happening

Young child actress Ashlyn Sanchez has joined the cast of “The Happening” in a role that is yet to be announced.

Previous roles include 2004’s Crash, and television shows such as Alias, The West Wing, CSI and Vanished.


4 Responses to “Ashlyn Sanchez joins cast of The Happening”

  1. Wags says:

    It seems like slowly everything is falling into place. Quite the ensemble cast Night has got going here. Very exciting news.

  2. Dr. Malcome Crowe says:

    Ashlyn was awesome in Crash, yay, I'm excited again! (even though I heard this back when it was a rumor weeks ago :tongue:)

  3. NormS says:

    Just a reminder than shooting begins Monday on The Happening. has a short preview, some commentary, and a vote (sort of) for your favorite M. Night movie.

  4. Wags says:

    Sweet! I was actually wondering when in August it was going to start.

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