Avatar: The Last Airbender

Awesome New Last Airbender Banners featuring Aang and Zuko!

Reed sent word that ComingSoon.net has released two new banners for The Last Airbender.  Man… these are AWESOME.  That is all, enjoy!

5 Responses to “Awesome New Last Airbender Banners featuring Aang and Zuko!”

  1. john rowling says:

    oh my god, this looks absolutely epic.

  2. Aang says:

    looks epic! can’t wait!

  3. Liberty says:

    This looks absolutely epics!! Loving it! ^.^

  4. this is awesome that u made this movie u might deleted some parts but it was cool waiting for part 2 chapter 2 earth please make it and please if u need any fire nation actor in avater last airbender you could call me i might not be rich or i acted before but will try.

    please comment me back mr shyamalan

  5. Travis Stoner says:

    Hey mnight….even though in my critique opinion the movie wasn’t perfect(no movie is) but I did enjoy it for what it was and I surely do hope for a sequel…..I just wish some peeps realize that just like other films that it is based off of….not total exact copy. So I am glad on how u did with the last airbender. You have my support 🙂

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