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Director and Composer => M. Night Shyamalan => Topic started by: Rohan on March 28, 2009, 01:58:24 AM

Title: M.Night Shyamalan's Image.
Post by: Rohan on March 28, 2009, 01:58:24 AM
Image is everything when you're in showbiz as far as my experience is concerned. Movie stars, singers, directors and even todays best  screenplay writers. Image is important because your impact comes from what you do and it does not matter what line of work you are into when you are in showbiz. This special thread will be a discussion on M.Night Shyamalan's Image. I have stated before my opinion on this IMAGE matter before, but in just a few lines and it was not clear enough to express my opinion that what I exactly wanted to express. I stated that M.Night Shyamalan the title only, the text when it appears in his movie trailers or whether its printed on a poster is strong. Its powerful. Believe it or not its powerful and leaves you still once your eyes catches the name. No disrespect to any other top directors in Hollywood today, but it is powerful than STEVEN SPIELBERG, PETER JACKSON, MICHAEL MANN and the list of top and talented directors will go on.

Lets ASSESS M.Night's Career.

He was loved and respected by everyone, I mean everyone after THE SIXTH SENSE, UNBREAKABLE, SIGNS and then bashings started from everywhere. Media started bashing the director at its best, oh yes, media's best hobby is to bash stars, politicians it makes its money and I have said it before that controversy creates cash. Media did created lot of cash and took the revenge after LADY IN THE WATER. M.Night took it a little personal when he totally spit in the face of the media when Lady In The Water was released, we all know it. I don't blame M.Night at all.

His Commercial: American Express Card.

Shymalan's self-directed American Express commercial is demonstrative enough of his overly inflated ego: An Article that I collected that time states the follwing.

Shymalan's self-mythologizing, and achingly pretentious American Express commercial was, quite literally, queeze-inducing, and is reason alone to dislike him.

As a counterpoint, it was such a relief--and a hilarious one--to see that Wes Anderson chose the exact opposite route and made a commercial making fun of pretentious directors. Just to re-iterate for those who didn't see it: in Shymalan's commercial he can't even eat at a super-fancy restaurant without being recognized and bothered--ha ha ha--by the staff, who all looooove his movies. And meanwhile, he is fanatasing about ideas essentailly ripped off from Rod Sterling because, as we mortals should know, his mind works differently than ours does.


M.Night Shyamalan is a phenom. Whether we like him or not, he is already a phenom. Everyone is able to not only recall all the movies directed/written by him, yet is also able to critique them in great depth. How many modern directors have this kind of affect?

Lets put all the PIRATES trilogy on the spotlight for example. How most people identify these movies? By its stars, JOHNNY DEPP and ORLANDO BLOOM. Or may be, may be some people care about DISNEY's reputation.

Now contrast this with North By North West. Most people will identify this as a Hitcock movie inspite of the big name presence of Cary Grant!

The same is true for Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Both with big name presence of Bruce Willis. But by and large we don't lable it as "Bruce Willis movie." That is what M. Night has achieved. A mark on the movie industry.

This is what I collected from someone stating the following: Please Read It.

I believe that as much as Shyamalan is getting a critical flogging now, he's due to be re-evaluated in a decade or two. Don't get me wrong, I don't uniformly admire all of his movies and I can see why critical opinion has turned on him. He may have stretched the collective credulity by flogging the 'twist ending' too much, all the while allowing the marketing of his movies to turn him into a one-gimmick director. But at least for Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and yes, even Signs (I have not seen the Village nor Lady in the Water) I have never seen better character development or a more masterful setting of tone. His films are somber, suspenseful and yet profoundly sad, eliciting performances from his actors that you wouldn't expect.

and then someone else claims this :

The criticism M. Night is garnering is because he wants to be feted as a real live Homer, but there obviously isn't a conspiracy to deprive him of the money necessary to make his mostly enjoyable, always overreaching, possibly overly well regarded films. He's gotten a phenomenal amount of support already. If anything, his apparent inability to take the gentlest of hints is what will prevent him from closing that gap between his ambition and execution. But it seems foolish to fault the film industry in all this, as though they're preventing his dream movie that can only be done with just a little more fawning and a few more millions.

Reading the last paragraph brought a article released few months into mind. M.Night willing to transform image with THE LAST AIRBENDER. I was sad when I read it, the guy is awesome in what he did and what he does. Look at his movies, look at his style of film making. I don't think STEVEN SPIELBERG or MARTIN SCORSESE can make a movie like M.Night does. I am pretty sure that STEVEN SPIELBERG was surprised at end of SIXTH SENSE. Since he already stated that he wants to transform image, then I have no choice I have to be happy for him as I respect him and also I adore his art work. M.Night is going to shock us all over again.

Poeple can make fun of Lady In The Water and his other movies, but they are not going to make fun of CRANK. What is that film based on, a guy who never dies and needs to charge himself. I don't get it.

I need more comments on this from others.

Thanks for reading this.