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Title: Ivy is blind?
Post by: villager on September 25, 2010, 04:45:16 PM
I don't know if this topic has been made or not. I did not see it.

*possible spoilers*

Ivy is suppose to be blind in the movie The Village. She can see color, faintly. I don't think it was very believable that Ivy was blind yet she was able to run and travel through the woods and find the towns. What are your thoughts on this subject? I thought it made the movie less "real".
Title: Re: Ivy is blind?
Post by: Imalshen on September 25, 2010, 07:51:29 PM
While I am still, blessedly, far from blind, my eyesight has critically weakened over my lifetime, and will require surgical intervention eventually. That being said, I can say Ivy's interaction with her world is not too unbelievable. When your vision leaves progressively, like hers did, it gives you time to adapt. For me, I can identify things their motion. Without my glasses everything comes out as blobs, but I can tell by the way a "blob" moves whether it's my friend Bill or my cousin Amy, etc. For Ivy, she sees colors and can identify through that, as well as through the more conventional use of sound.

Also, there are people who have adapted to blindness like in extraordinary ways. One in particular, Ben Underwood, who unfortunately passed away last year, developed a form of echolocation so he could see with sound.

Another advantage Ivy had was living and growing up in the same location her entire life. An environment becomes familiar, and easy to memorize, so she would not have much difficulty finding her way around. When she walks to Lucius' house, reaching her hand out for him, you can hear her counting steps until she finds the porch. Step counting is a very basic method for getting around for blind people.

As for her going off into the woods alone, 1. She didn't start off alone, and 2. That's where the beauty of the story comes in. Faith and love can overcome any obstacle, which is one of the movie's themes. Her father said in the film she was more capable than most in the village of succeeding, and we can see the truth in that. She not only makes it out of the woods and back for the one she loves, but she overcomes her fear of the "beasts" and wins against "them" too. That was the whole point. The mind and the heart can overcome anything, and it's not just in the movies that it happens, either.

Hope this explains a bit for you! At least on the technicalities of blindness. :P
Title: Re: Ivy is blind?
Post by: Mr. Heep on October 05, 2010, 04:56:09 AM
...I have mixed thoughts about it. Yes, I believe she does see very faintly; maybe an extreme blur of everything, but nevertheless can see light.

But I think Shyamalan's intent was that Ivy can see auras, as indicated when she enters the room where Lucius was stabbed and says, "I cannot see his color". Obviously, if she was only blind up to the point of seeing a blur of light and dark areas, with some color, she wouldn't say that.

So... this leads me to thinking maybe she can see light only, but cannot make out basic shapes or color, thus leaving room for her "gift" in sighting any person's aura.
Title: Re: Ivy is blind?
Post by: Namaste on October 08, 2010, 12:33:51 AM
nope, Ivy cannot see a thing, besides auras. She states in the movie (referring to auras) "it's the only thing I ever see in the darkness".
We get a lot of clues as to how she interacts with the world, especially when we are in sort of a limited third person point of view with her when she's running around counting her steps and listening to how the sound reverberates around her (similar to echolocation). She also asserts her own independence (aside from "Ivy is more capable than most in this village" and "You're better in these woods than most boys. Anyone would say that") when she says one of her better-known lines: "I see the world, Lucius, just not as you see it"
Also, Ivy had good directions from her father: "follow the sound of the brook, then after a half day's journey (it took her about 2 days though) you will come to a gravel road" etc, etc
Title: Re: Ivy is blind?
Post by: Imalshen on October 10, 2010, 12:41:36 AM
I actually reccommend trying ecolocation to anyone who is curious on how a person can live independently without sight. I tried it with my friends and it worked pretty well for me, though I was no master of it. Even my friends who have hearing damage from guns and music and machinery could, if they focused, hear the echoes bounce back, though they couldn't tell from where.

But yeah, try it, and you'll see how, if practice and circumstance were necessity, it would be easy for someone to get around without eyes. The other things like step counting and such would only make it even easier. It's just a matter of adaptation.
Title: Re: Ivy is blind?
Post by: Namaste on October 12, 2010, 11:34:22 PM
well, it might be easier for the blind person..but probably hard on everyone around them lol, what with all the yelling or whatever sound they're using..unless it's some sort of ultrasonic sonar transmuted to audible sound fed through headphones. gotta keep it within FCC frequency regulations though...
Title: Re: Ivy is blind?
Post by: Imalshen on October 12, 2010, 11:40:50 PM
I use a clicking sound, like Ben Underwood did. All my friends use a click, as far as I know. I would never yell. I punch people who yell to their friends across the street when they do it right behind my ear. I would never be so rude.