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Title: Signs Netowrk Tv Premiere!
Post by: Dr Malcolm Crowe on March 14, 2006, 10:50:24 PM
 Signs will make it's network TV premiere saturday the 25th on ABC.
It will be broadcasted in HD!!! So those of you who have an HDTV won't mant to miss this!! I think it looks great on the DVD, I can barely imagine it at twice the resolution!!

This Sixth Sense will also be on ABC in HD this saturday the 18th!!
Title: Signs Netowrk Tv Premiere!
Post by: H.E. Pennypacker on March 15, 2006, 01:05:57 PM
 Thanks for the heads-up.  Should be fun watching these films for the nth time.
Title: Signs Netowrk Tv Premiere!
Post by: H.E. Pennypacker on March 25, 2006, 08:09:39 PM
 I'm watching it RIGHT NOW!!!!
Title: Signs Netowrk Tv Premiere!
Post by: Dr Malcolm Crowe on March 25, 2006, 11:27:14 PM
 Boy did they edit out some good stuff. I guess most it was non-essential to the story but still.

I got the idea to make a list of the stuff they cut out, so here it is:

1. Very first shot is missing. I am referring to the shot of the backyard through the bedroom window. The movie instead started right as
Graham (Mel) wakes up.

2. Audio edit when Officer Paski (Cherry Jones) is saying how Lionel and the Wolfington brothers can't take a ::pee (instead of piss):: without wetting the fronts of their pants.

3. We don't see Morgan (Rory Culkin) turning over the chicken on the grill remarking how "dad is going to burn these again".

4. Right before Bo enters Graham's room and asks for a glass of water, the short scene of the crops at night when we hear the cricketts all of a sudden stop chearping was missing.

5.When Officer Paski is interviewing Graham and Merrill (Joaquin) , they cut out the comical exchange where Merrill says "excluding the possibility that a female scandinavian athlete......". They used some clever editing so that Bo basically asks for the remote earlier.

6. After Officer Paski tells Graham that they should head into town to take their minds off of things, it cuts to when their wagon pulls into the parking space in town. We don't see Graham standing in the doorway as James Newton Howard's score sets the mood and the TV announcer reports more about the crop circles. Plus we don't see Morgan and Bo bother each other in the car as well as Graham turning off the radio despites Morgan?s request to turn it on.

7. We didn't get to see the hilarious exchange about cursing between Tracy Abernathy and Graham in the drug store.

8. We don't see Morgan asking for any books on Aliens in the bookstore.

9. They cut out Merrill's hilarious speech on how this is all the work of "nerds", Bo asking why the 'nerds can't get girlfriends', etc.

10. When the family is all watching the news cast and Morgan claims "we need to tape this" they cut out the fight over using Bo's tape and just show Morgan putting in the 'swim suit special' tape. (this is dumb because Bo is all of a sudden holding her tape and when the announcer says "everything the've wrote about in science books is about to change" Morgan remarks "I told you" when technically he didn't  <_< )

11. We don't see Graham walking out to feed Isabel and his remark "Isabel, you are going to feel owefully silly when this all turns out to be make-believe". Instead the shot opens when Graham grabs the flash light and heads into the crops. There is also short edit when Graham is walking in the crops, instead of dropping the flash light and then seeing the alien as it turns back on, they make it look like he turns around and then sees the alien.

12. Very short edit when Graham is drying his hair with the towel they made it look like Morgan and Bo were reading the book right there instead of Graham looking around for a sec and then walking into the room.

13. They cut out Merrill throwing something into the crops.

14. When "it's happening" we hear Isabel barking but we don't get to hear her stop. instead it cuts to the aliens walking on the porch and banging on the door.

15. We don't see all that much of Merrill checking to see if the coast is clear the morning after.

16. In the final shot they cut out the camera panning across the bedroom and go straight to Graham walking out of the bathroom. This sucks because it cuts out some of the most beautiful music in the whole movie and doesn't show the change in time (winter).

Wow. To point all of these chagnes out really shows how well (maybe too well :rolleyes: ) I know the movie. And the more I think about it the more I realize how they screwed up my favorite movie.
Oh well.  :P
I had a big problem with a couple of the edits, like #'s 8 and 16 which I already remarked about as well as #'s 5, 6, 7, 8 and 14. :angry:

Anyways, the picture in HD was stunning, as I expected. :)