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Title: Your thoughts on "Where Paradise Is Home"
Post by: Erik on May 17, 2015, 06:32:32 AM
The pilot episode (Where Paradise is Home) aired last thursday.
Who saw it?

I did. I thought the first episode was promissing. It certainly did not blow me off my seat, but it's more of a slow start. Perhaps some people are not going to like it, but that's okay. Right now it looks like some sort of creepy/suspenseful Trueman Show, although the pilot hints towards something more supernatural, hidden in The Pines.

I'll be watching the rest of this, but what are your thoughts?
Title: Re: Your thoughts on "Where Paradise Is Home"
Post by: Namaste on June 30, 2015, 07:43:59 AM
I liked the Truman Show. One of the few films by Andrew Niccols the director of Gattaca (the best film ever). I think Niccols and Shyamalan would get along very well. I've been watching Wayward Pines when I can. It seems a lot like the Village, and a little bit like the Matrix.
okay, so...It's a town (village) surrounded by trees...and a fence...and the scientists (elders) are lying to everyone inside about why they can't leave, and they are even lying about what year it is (everyone thinks they're living in one year, when in reality it is many years in the future). Now , they are trying to get the most courageous of all the townspeople (or villagers), the one who risked everything to cross into the forbidden woods, to cooperate with them.
They're putting their hope in the new generation:
("Who do you think will continue this place, this life? Do you plan to live forever? It is IN THEM that our future lies, it is in Ivy and Lucius that this way of life will continue. Yes I have risked, I hope I am always able to risk everything for the just and right cause. If we did not make this decision, we could never again call ourselves innocent, and that in the end is what we have protected here, innocence! That, I'm not ready to give up.")

Sound familiar?