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Lady in the Water DVD Screen Captures

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Hey all,

I'd be willing to take a bunch of screen captures from the LITW DVD for use in the gallery section of this site.  I can also watermark them if so desired.  It'd probably be on the order of 100-200 captures rather than 600 though.  I'd do a good job of it.

Let me know.

Hey, That sounds pretty cool, I know that I just need time to do it.  I like to get a lot of great shots, and capture moments from the film that are either memorable, or things that capture the awesome cinematography.

If you'd like to take the time, you can be my guest, but you don't have to.

I'd be very happy to do it.  I will definitely be certain to pick out the memorable and otherwise awesome cinematographic shots.  I have a fond appreciation for the movie and have watched it many (or perhaps too many :)) times, so no worries there.  I originally estimated 100-200 captures, but I'll increase the count if necessary.  

I do have a few questions:

1) Do you want each capture watermarked?
2) What resolution do you want the captures to be (original DVD resolution, or smaller)?
3) What jpeg quality do you prefer? (I'm a sucker for high-quality images, but I know they also take up more space)
4) When I'm done, how should I submit the captures? (I'll compress them all into a single .zip folder or whichever compression flavor you prefer)

I'll get started very soon.  I'm aiming to get the entire project done in about a week (two weeks max).


Just as a quick update, it's looking to be closer to 500 captures.


Alright, I took the liberty of answering the questions for myself.  I have a total of 494 captures that all fit into a 37 MB zip file.  The resolution of each capture is the same as the original DVD resolution (852 x 480) and I have included a small watermark on the lower right.  I hope they meet your expectations.

Spector, you did a tremendously excellent job with The Village gallery.  I use it all the time for wallpapers, banners, etc.

mathematicalArtist, I have been wanting some good screen caps of LitW.  Thank you for your enthusiasm.  I will certainly put them to use.

You're quite welcome.  :)

I submitted them some time ago, so hopefully they will be added to the gallery soon.  I think you'll enjoy them.


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