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List your favorite JNH/MNS Scores in order

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Dr Malcolm Crowe:
After reading the similar thread about putting the films in order, I figured a thread about putting the scores in order would be just as fun.  ;D

1. The Village (hands down my favorite)
2. Lady in the Water (practically a tie with Signs)
3. Signs (the score that really made me notice film music)
4. Unbreakable (I love how JNH created 2 different worlds)
5. The Sixth Sense (under-rated, but under-used in the film)

1. The Village
2. Lady in the Water
3. Unbreakable
4. Signs
5. The Sixth Sense

The Village
Lady In The Water
The Sixth Sense
All very good movie scores.

Merlin Ocelot:
1. Unbreakable
2. The Village
3. Signs
4. Sixth Sense
5. Lady in the water

1. Signs (Had me at the edge of my seat!)  :o
2. The Village (Fantastic music to a o.k movie)  :-\
3. Lady in the Water (Best part of this otherwise o.k film)  :-[
4. Unbreakable (Very gripping)  ;D
5. The Sixth Sense (Great, but very subtle so I hardly noticed it)  :)


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