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"The Happening" A Timeless Classic - Rohan

Author Topic: "The Happening" A Timeless Classic - Rohan  (Read 1648 times)


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"The Happening" A Timeless Classic - Rohan
« on: October 28, 2007, 03:14:54 PM »
Hello friends and new friends,

It's me Rohan its been long time I haven't got a time to visit this new and improved forum. I am glad we have a new look in the forum. This is truely a one stop Shyamalan base. I love visiting this site. I was thinking if we all actually do something to make this forum more famous and more more out there if you know what I mean. I am not authorized, but as a fan of M.Night and a visitor/fan of this site I want this to be more famous. Let me come to my point why am I here again.

The title says "The Happening" - A Timeless Classic. I say it. And there are reasons behind it.

Just like always I will say that All his films are classic. Not because I am a fan. Its there for us on the table and you know what's on the table. THEY ALL MAKE SENSE.

Allow me to say this. Those Who Don't Get M.Night Movies, they Are Not Smart.

I have already talk about all his movies. I am not going to waste time to talk what I said before about his movies. But in short, I want to say again that they are all Masterpieces.

Lets talk about "The Happening" Oh, yeah from the words of Mark Wahlberg AKA "Marky Mark" The Happening is happening for sure. He is excited as much as I am. The difference is he is lucky enough to be in the movie as main character and I am lucky enough being an all time M.Night Shyamalan fan.

No matter what those critics say again, I say The Happening is a classic in the making. M.Night is focused as always. Passionate and on a goal to prove all haters wrong.

The happening is a simple story. A tale of a family on the run. From what? Natural crisis. Very smart of M.Night natural crisis. We are all facing natural crisis in many shapes today. I watch CNN's special programme "Planet In Peril".

Shyamalan loves to scare us. I have said it before and I will say it again. The only movie that scared the hell out of me and I was haunted by it for a week is god damn SIGNS.

Fear is a sense in us and its sensitive sense in us. M.Night likes to point our sensitive sense and its FEAR. And he knows how to scare us. He doesn't have to show blood and gore. Its in dialogues and acting in his films.

The happening is happening and that's the scariest thing. Its happening as I am writing this boring article, as M.Night writing this classic script and as haters keep spreading hatred and as stupid critics bashing his movies and as porn stars keep making porn and as Hillary Clinton keep making non sense topics to win the election for god sake.

Its all Happening. Its happening in USA, its Happening all over the world. We all humans are after one thing what to do next to earn more. Rich tries to become richer, poor tries to crawl from the gutter but rich steps on their fingers to put them back in the gutter. And Donald Trump instead of building a school or a shelter for homeless, keeps building CASINOS. And he starts taking on women. First it was Rosie and now he is taking on Angelina Jolie. Someone just give Donald Trump a ROCK BOTTOM.

Its happening, crisis is coming upon on. Trust me my fellow friends there will be a day that human race will be erased. We all doing it ourselves to us. Its crystal clear, WE ARE TAKING THE AXE AND BREAKING OUR OWN FEET. We should all look in the mirror and grab our own collars and ask ourselves. ITS HAPPENING. We are getting doomed by nature. Whether its natural toxic, fire, tornadoes, Trsunami, Flood, Earthquakes. We are all behind this. This is the scariest thing happening to us.

Salute to M.Night for making us realize its happening. Its a TIMELESS CLASSIC.

Oh yeah, its also a timeless classic when M.Night going to show us what we so called SMARTEST and sophisticated humans are going to do and how we are going to die.

Its Happening, as we die, M.Night will show that be so respectful and love one another. We can win by love and unity.


Al Gore, winning the noble price. He is going to put it on a shelve in his mansion and he gets ELECTIRICITY bill for $3000.00 a month using energy. And fella speaks of protecting the world. For god sake we must wake up before Al Gore gets more richer day by day. ITS HAPPENING. Now Al Gore making the natural crisis his 'business". While M.Night understanding the meaning of natural crisis and by the power of his film making talent will teach us.

Oh yeah, thanks to a member here who praised my talent of making the THE HAPPENING POSTER at my facebook group. I am cool too ah. :-)

My fingers are tired. I am stopping. I am waiting for "The Happening" - "I Am Legend" And "The Kite Runner".