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The Sixth Sense-Scary Or Just Caught Up In The Moment


The first time I watched  the Sixth Sense it sacred me out of my wits.  I was so scared that I ran from the bathroom to my bedroom for the next couple of nights, and in general, at night I was scared.  That eventually wore off.  Recently I watched The Sixth Sense again, probably for about the sixth or seventh time, and was not as scared.  That is, at that time I was not as scared as the first time I saw it.  The thing is, there is an undercurrent that is scaring me (kinda fun actually) and i can't figure out what it is.  Was I caught up the fact the first time I saw it that The Sixth Sense was supposed to be scary, did I build myself up to a crecendo, or is there something in that movie, an undercurrent that just scares.  I was wondering what everybody else thought, and if the movie scares them, what about it does so. 

The Sixth Sense was the first movie that ever had me really scared. Signs was a breeze compared to The Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense had an element of fear and uncertainty that didn't let go, whereas the other films had intermediate periods of humor and other things to keep the tone more "entertaining". When watching The Sixth Sense, however, I feel COLD throughout the whole thing. It's all about the maintained atmosphere. Then when something shocking happens it affects us even more because there is something in our conscious that has been anticipating, and dreading it all along.

The reason it doesn't scare you as much anymore is probably because you've watched it several times and subsequently aren't as surprised when anything that's supposed to be frightening occurs. If I were to sneak up behind you and say "boo" every day, you would eventually lose your surprise of that each time I did it. Same thing here I guess

--- I see dead people. ---

Yeah, the reason you are not scared anymore is because you have seen it so many times. I've also seen it a bunch of times, and the first time I watched i (I was about 12), I walked out of the room...That woman in the kitchen scared the crap out of me! Anyway, after watching it so many times, in fact, after watching ANY scary movie so many times, the scares go away. Luckily, The Sixth Sense is a great movie in many other ways. M. Night's best movie to date. ;D

That makes sense, though it would still probably scare me if I were to watch it at night and be the only one in the house. 

I've watched the movie many times and it still gets my heart rate up. Shyamalan is just a master director, and he knows all the subconscious tricks to scare you, even when you consciously know everything that's going to happen.


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