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Its pretty ovoius that M.Night Shyamalan and James Newton Howard will team up. They said there like Steven Speilberg and John Williams.

I personaly think that the Track Team will colaberate with him to help bring the music to the Big Screen and make it Cinimatic gold.

A member at this Fourm made a beutiful Oppening. To that person well done!

That's really good.  How did you do the music.  I really liked that.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
Thanks for the complements guys.

I've been writing all sorts of music for years now, and I've recently gotten into writing music for video games. I have a lot of equipment and software which helps me to compose music that sounds realistic enough to bypass recording with a full orchestra if a budget doesn't allow for it. It's amazing what software can do nowadays. That whole Avatar piece was composed using various virtual orchestra programs. If wish to know which programs specifically, just ask.  ;)

I'd love to know which programs.  I am an amateur filmaker, but for my first few films I just used movie music.  For my next film I want to compose my own music, but that is really hard.  Maybe I should just hire you.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
I am a big fan of the EastWest/Quantum Leap sound libraries, almost all of my virtual instruments are made by them.

I have:
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP Pro (full orchestra sounds: strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion)
EWQL Symphonic Choirs (boys choirs, female choirs, male choirs)
Quantum Leap Storm Drum (all sorts of percussion instruments: japanese taikos, african dumbeks, etc)
Quantum Leap RA (loads of ethnic instruments from africa, europe, asia, middle east, and america)
Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock (guitars, bass guitars, and drum kits)
EW/PMI Bosendorfer290 (recorded from the worlds largest piano which costs 200k+)

All in all the virtual instruments cost me several thousand dollars. Most of them are on sale for the holidays now (up to 60% off). Check out Don't forget there is stuff like a powerful enough computer needed to run them, keyboards, speakers, audio interfaces, sequencing software, etc. 

--- Quote ---For my next film I want to compose my own music, but that is really hard.
--- End quote ---
I think it's pretty cool when filmmakers write their own music, do you have any musical experience?

--- Quote ---Maybe I should just hire you.
--- End quote ---
Lol. That'd be so neat. Just let me know if you don't have time to do it yourself, but you want something original.  ;)


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