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There is something about The Sixth Sense that just screams superiority over Night's other films. Signs is my personal favorite, but The Sixth Sense has that something extra I can't explain. Maybe it's the control. Maybe it's the acting...I just can't figure it out! Every time I watch it , I'm amazed at what I have just seen...But it's difficult to point out why...My BEST explanation is that it has to be the story itself. And that may be it. I don't know. So what do you guys think? Oh, and, yeah, it may not be your favorite, but just post your opinions.

It's not my favorite, the difference between my favorites of Shyamalan's films is about 0.0000000001, or something like that.  Anyways, to your point Rulm, yes, the story is superb, I also think it might be the barebones aspect of the film.  It is very simple, everyone can identify with the characters, and there is nothing else to distract you from the film, no action sequences or pointless scenes, just a good all around film.  Those are some of my thoughts, though I will probably have some more soon.

I totally understand where you are coming from!  I just stuck it in my dvd player last night and watched it for kicks.  I am BLOWN AWAY EVERYTIME i watch this film!  The sad parts make me sad, everytime.  I always get sucked in and find myself believing the story!  I am always shocked, blown away, baffled and taken back by the ending!  I think, like you said, "its the bare bones."  It's so simple, really easy to follow and you feel for the characters; yet, at the same time its kind of mystifying on on how you believed the lie the whole entire time.  Another thing I noticed was the long takes, very subtle, hardly noticed.  Watch the film again, even start it from where Cole and his mother are talking about Grandma's pendant.  They are such long takes and this draws you in, besides its a tremendous story.  As movie watchers, we are so accumstomed to fast editing and many differnt angles, this film has none of that.  Lot's of slow almost un-noticable dolly shots.  The behind the scene footage is as good as the movie itself!

I knew I wasn't the only one who sees it like this! Yeah, I'm gonna' go back and watch it again!

Me too, man Shyamalan is amazing.


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