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Hey just joined the site!  YEAH!

I read an old posting about M. Night Fans buying coppies of "Praying with Anger" on a site named!  How and where can I get a copy of this movie!?!?!?!?!  I went onto the website, but couldn't figure it out and didnt know if there were copies even availible!  Where I live I can't get wireless internet, and still have dial up, so loading sites like those take tons of time!

Can anyone that owns a copy, or knows how to get one tell me how to get one!?  PLEASE!! 

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
I haven't heard of any recent methods of getting a hold of the film.  :(

I don't think I've ever seen a way to get ahold of the film, except maybe in an art house.

It has to be out there somewhere!  What do you mean by art house?  Like a rental store?

It's kind of like a rental store, it's usually somewhat hard to find, and out of the way.  It takes old movies, or new ones that just never got out there and stores them, usually to buy, sometimes to rent.  It's a place where art (that is film) is kept for collectors and people trying to find movies that are hard to get.  I don't know if anyone else has heard of them.  Also, I might not have all of this information correct, so sorry if I'm wrong.  I'm pretty sure it's all correct though.


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