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Has anyone seen the trailer for The Spiderwick Chronicals?  I dont know if its just the trailer or what, but they totally ripped off JNH soundtrack for LITW!  I looked up the composer of that movie and its James Horner.  He better not be taking the same music from LITW.  Even in the trailer, all I can hear and think of is LITW.  The music doesnt go at all with the trailer.  It just doesnt fit.  Check out the trailer and leave comments.
Sorry for the bad youtube video.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
The music in that trailer IS from Lady in the Water. It's become fairly common process to use music from other movies in trailers. I've heard the score by James Horner and it's nothing like Lady in the Water, in fact it's very bland and typical.

There is a trailer out there, however, that features music that truly is a rip-off of Lady in the Water. The trailer is for the movie 'The Life Before Her Eyes' starring Uma Thurman. Oddly enough, that movie is also being scored by James Horner.

Check it out:

Yea, it is common for trailers to take music from other movies, but to copy a similar, almost indentical, but not quite is ripping off.  Or James Horner just sounds a lot like Lady In The Water.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
I don't think that's from James Horner's score. Even though Horner's name is one that is often brought up when talking about plagiarism or unoriginal film music, I don't think he'd create a piece like that.

You're right, neither do I.  It did sound too much like Lady In The Water.


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