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Dr Malcolm Crowe:
I just found out some really interesting information about the bookend to the Signs score. Many of you know The Hand of Fate as the last 2 tracks from the Signs CD, and I'm sure you undoubtedly love them - as do I.

I also bet many of you remember on the Signs DVD, composer James Newton Howard mentioned that writing the cue was "the most difficult getting-it-right process" he's ever been through.

Well... I was listening to a recent interview with JNH where he mentioned that the Hand of Fate cue was re-written 64 times! Holy cow! He said that some of the changes weren't that big, and that some were.  :o No wonder he said it was "the most difficult getting-it-right process".... he has 64 versions of it! lol!

This just solidifies my love for James Newton Howard's music, and proves my point that James is one of the best, hardest working, and most talented film composers ever.

I just adore his dedication, it's truly inspiring.  ;D

wow. that's more determined than Night himself who rewrites his stories as many as 6 times.

Wow, that's amazing, though really cool.  It shows that James Newton Howard is really dedicated to getting the right sound.  That guy is amazing, he needs to win more awards.

This proves that JNH is the perfect composer for Night's movies.

MNS + JNH = magic

That is amazing!  That is why he is one of the most wanted composers around!


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