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Alright, I saw this 'game' on another forum. It's quite easy, and it makes you learn a lot about all the people on this forum. Since I am new, and don't really know you guys, I think it's a good thing to start something like this.

This is how it works. The person who posted above you asks you a question. You answer that one, and think of a question for the next one. There is no order in which you post, so the you'll never know who will answer your question untill someone does.
Get it?

Since there is no poster above me, I'll ask the first question:

What kind of job do you have?

Have fun!

I work at Pfitzner Stadium, Operation, for the Potomac Nationals.
Allright, I guess I ask.  What's your favorite sport.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
Baseball. Played as a child a little. My older brother played throughout his college career, making it to the NAIA World Series 3 times as a player and 2 times as a coach.

Are you a Windows person or a Mac person?

Def. a MAC!  unfortunately, I dont have one.  Darn.  Getting one someday though!!!!!!

My turn!   ;D

Do you have a grandma, and is she a sweetheart?

Yes I have, she's really nice. Though she is starting to be quite stubborn, and is unfortunately starting to forget things (I thought the correct word in English was dementia for this, but I'm not sure)

What is your favouret band or artist?


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