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In Signs. Are the aliens really hostile?

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I was thinking if they are really hostile. You know, in the corn fields at night they could attach Graham and kill him. They never did, just scared him.

And also they didn't use weapons cause they thought if they use their weapons, human will use nuclear weapons and earth would be useless to them. I think they were not hostile. Just wanted to harvest our planet. In the meantime, they are spooked too by our presense in the cities and towns.

The crop circles make sense, they are probably making those to either navigate later on or probably a message for human on earth. The communication problem is that they are the only ones understands the meaning of those crop circles and we don't.

That's I want to gather all the pictures from  the internet specially crop circles from all over the world and study them to see if there is any sign or meaning to them. Freaking, M.Night. He is a genius.

In the movie they are releasing a toxic gas for their own safety and unfortunately humans happened to be sensitive towards it. When officer explains the story about the lady spitting and a guy fighting for not having his favorite cigarette in the vending machine, that must be they are getting paranoid and possibility of toxic gas affecting them. It does affect Houdini the dog too in the beginning when he pees and dies, cause the dog probably smelled the crops or at night prabably one of those Aliens encountered.


The aliens were hostile.

If you listen closer when Merrill is listening to the radio, it says the aliens came to harvest US. I think the man also mentions people being gassed and dragged off by the aliens. All in all, it wasn't a misunderstanding; the aliens came to kill. And eat.

--- What you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, miracles? Or do you believe that some people just get lucky? Let me put it to you this way... Is it possible that there are no coincidences? ---

oh wow!... that make sense.

It is all explained in the movie.

-They didn't kill Graham, because they where scouts. They where not ment to kill anyone, they are only on the lookout (The army general comes with that theory)
-They didn't use weapons because than we would use our nuclear weapons and the whole planet would be useless (Graham's son comes with that theory, which he read in the book)

Yes, I think they were hostile, due to reasons already stated on this thread.  Just watch Signs again, but pay attention to the little details that pop, people on TV, the radio, that kind of thing.


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