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Dr Malcolm Crowe:
This is going to be the thread where you can post links to new interviews about The Happening. PLEASE avoid posting links to all future interviews outside of this thread.

Interview with M. Night @

Interview with Alan Ruck

NPR Discussion with Shyamalan

Video Interview with IBNLive

Interview with the L.A. Times.

The Transformation of Mark Wahlberg... @

The M. Night Shyamalan Interview You Want to Read

M. Night interview @

M. Night Goes Green @

Thanks for the link to the NPR interview! It was really interesting - I was able to listen to it even though it isn't 6:00 yet...
That was probably good for the advertising for the movie too. A lot of people listen to NPR, and if they know that it's not just some mindless slasher film, they might decide to go see it.

Yeah, that NPR interview was really interesting. Really makes me wonder about the ending of the film. Now I don't know what to expect.

This NPR interview so far is the best interview for "The Happening". It deals more with nature and possibilities of "The Happening".


That was a really great interview.  I love how he has based the ideas of this film in actual scientific foundations, rather than just pure making-it-up type stuff.  I always think that movies that base their scary stuff in reality makes it all the more terrifying.

 I also thought it was cool how Night was on "Science Friday" and was really capable of keeping up and having a good conversation with a guy who sounded really,really smart (he is the host of Science Friday after all) about sciece-type stuff..


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