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Dr Malcolm Crowe:
Alright folks, this thread is going to be the home for future discussions and postings of reviews for The Happening. PLEASE avoid starting new threads about the subject, and PLEASE note whether or not a review contains SPOILERS.

Reviews published so far:
The Happening Review from La Butaca (Spanish) [Positive] -(Spoilers?)
The Happening Review from Cine Y Letras (Spanish) [3 out of 5 stars] -(Spoilers?)


Here is a new not so posotive one.

Not sure what is up with this website, but I wonder how they got the to see it because it is not viewing for critics until June 10th here in the United States.

Maybe it is a Eurpean site?

NEWSBLAZE review doesn't have any spoilers, but it sucks big time how this guy or gal wrote it. Once again, these critics are so stupid that they are still thinking that there will be a twist in all his films. M.Night said it clearly, NO TWIST at all.

mind-rape gloom doom : What is this mean?, I think he was bored and came with an stupid word.

And also the review compares "The Happening" with "The Mist". I have never seen "The Mist", but I don't think they are the same.

Then there's this film's whole fright flight road movie mayhem that appears awfully borrowed from War of The World's panic mode nomad, Tom Cruise

What is this guy thinking. Did he really saw "The Happening". Who showed it to him.

DULL REVIEW. Makes no sense at all.


NEWSBLAZE: Comment on a story: [email protected]

I sent my message to the website in regards to such dull review on their site. Here is my email message.


I am Rohan, I was recently browsing through NEWSBLAZE site. I like it alot. It is formatted well and also lots of good information. I tried to find a link so I can reach "Prairie Miller" who

just wrote an review for upcoming M.Night Shyamalan movie "The Happening.

If you can please forward this message to Prairie Miller. I am not quite impressed by the review he/she wrote. The review didn't made any sense at all. He/she compared the movie

with "THE MIST and "WAR OF THE WORLDS". There are lots of differences between the 3 movies.

I haven't seen "The Happening" yet, but I have read the script already. I think its pretty well written and I m also sure its well directed.

Prairie's words doesn't make sense the way he/she reviewed the movie. Where the movie was screened? It is scheduled to be screened to critics on June 10. And Praire quoted that

awfully borrowed from War of The World's panic mode nomad

I would like to ask "Why such comment of awfully borrowed from WAR OF THE WORLDs" towards an original idea written by M.Night?

I am not linked with M.Night Shyamalan or with project, but when I read the review I didn't like the Prairie commented negative marks on an original script. And also Prairie thought that there would be a twist ending. M.Night Shyamalan said it there is no twist.

Prairie gave the movie 1 Star?, why 1 star, Prairie said awfully borrowed from War Of The Worlds, Prairie could give the movie NO STAR.

Very dull review was written on an very good website.  I would appreciate if you could pass this email to Prairie Miller.

Thank You.


NEWSBLAZE is located at :
705-2 E. Bidwell St, #213
Folsom, Ca. 95630

They are in US.

I've been lurking these boards since the times of LITW, but I decided to register to start commenting.

1)  super stoked for The Happening.

2) the newsblaze review is horrible.  It doesn't actually say anything that would make me believe the person actually saw it.  They give the same general plot summary we already know, yet fail to give concrete examples of what the reviewer claims to be flawed.

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
Glad you finally decided to register okman4ever. I agree, the review seems bogus.


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