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I don't see that anyone has mentioned that M. Night wrote the screenplay for Stuart Little (1999).

yeah, i mentioned that in "m night should write a book" thread..or something like that. He's written a lot of crazy stuff if u look him up on

Okay, I bought the DVD yesterday, watched it today.

Night did a good job for the screenplay. He even made me laugh, what I didn't expect 'cause it's a movie for children. I haseteded* to buy the movie, but I'm glad I did. Ofcourse, when people ask for it, I'll always say 'M. Night wrote it!' ;D

*Is this word spelled correctly?


--- Quote from: Erik on October 01, 2008, 03:21:57 PM ---*Is this word spelled correctly?

--- End quote ---

I believe you were looking for "hesitated".  :)

I watched Stuart Little, and honestly didn't like it. In fact I was a little pissed M. Night changed the original story so much, the book is a delightful classic and way better. I try to blame that on his co-writer Greg Brooker though.  ;)

which stuart little?the mouse whom being adopted by humans family?the white mouse?he wrote the screenplay to that film?Oh My God,there is so many facts that i just know by joining this site.Thanks god i joined this site


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