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What is his colour?

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What do you think is up with the colours Ivy sees?

I believe she sees different colours for how people think about Ivy. Therefore I believe that her father, sister and Lucious have nearly the same colour. Her colour of love. It must be something like that, because Ivy knows that Lucious loves her. Ivy didn't aproached him before, because her older sister wasn't married yet (like explained in the movie).

I also believe that Noah has this same colour, but changes colour when he is trying to attack Ivy in the woods. That is why Ivy didn't recognise him when he attacked.

Somehow Ivy sees something in her constant darkness, we just don't know what...

I really think the only two people with "colors" for her are Lucius and her father, just because they mean the most to her. And if I had to guess what their colors were, I'd say yellow, because it's the "safe" color, and she feels safe with those two men.

Just my opinion though.

yeah, the only people she mentions as having colors are lucius and her father. If noah had a color, she would have seen him when he was hiding in the closet, for one thing. But i feel like she speaks differently about the colors of her father and lucius; for example she makes the color specific to lucius when she says "i will not tell you YOUR color" in a way that seems very targeted to him as though it is different from her father's.  Also I dont believe the color has to do with feelings (and that being the reason she knew lucious loved her) because she explained the real reason she knew he loved her in that he did not touch her. (another great comment on fear in the film) So what are their colors? I believe her father has the yellow color which represents fear and repression, and lucius has the red color which represents love and living (note that as he was dying she exclaimed "I cannot see his color!") Lucius was never afraid of the outside world and doing what has to be done (note the scene where Walker says "you are fearless in a way that I shall never know") and he had the record time at the stump. Yellow is fear and hatred; it is self-centered. Red is courage and love; it is venturing into the unknown. Note also that Lucius takes Ivy's hand eventually, but Walker never takes Alice's hand (although i do respect his commitment to his marriage)

Love is an adventure, and it is scary and it is self-less. I hope I am always able to risk everything for the just and right cause, because I am led by love. The world moves for love; it kneels before it in awe.

Hmm, I don't think red is supposed to be courage and love, I mean whenever Night uses it symbolically its always been in the threatening sense. It could be though, but I don't see it that way. I do agree that yellow represents fear (but not necessarily hatred), and not love, because its "safeness" was a lie, a cowardice that shut the villagers inside themselves. To me, red and yellow just seemed to be two different sides of deceptive fear in The Village, I don't associate either one with anything good.

I like the fact Ivy doesn't say what Lucius's color is; it brings a tender mystery around the whole thing that makes it all the more engrossing. If I could find out what Lucius's color was, I wouldn't; that would just spoil it.

- Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others won't know we want to do them. -

The same reason yellow is proven to be a false security, red is proven to be false threat. and hatred is the result of fear. Walker made the whole place because of his fear and hatred of the outside world (you should watch donnie darko or read about new age to see what im talking about). And when has Shyamalan used red as threatening?


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