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Praying with Anger: First five Minutes

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Sri HK:
Wow.....this is so weird.  This one is a real low budget....completely independent NRI/ABCD movie..... :)

Just a weird feeling i got watching this.  Btw....i downloaded this clip just in case.


Wow, this actualy is good! Now I really want to see it, just as Wide Awake (isn't released in Holland, I'm trying to get a copy out of the UK). Thanks for the link.

Also the music is well done, I was thinking who made it when it appeared on screen. I still don't have any clue :P

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
The score is by Edmund Choi. He also scored Wide Awake for Night.

Low budget,but it looks quite nice.The music's cool,too.I loved Edmund Choi's score from Wide Awake;he has the perfect style for that kind of movie: melancholic (similar to JNH),but without that feeling of mystery typical of James (which is essential in Night's latest movies).

yep i definitely need to watch this


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