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IAK's crazy coolness thread of thoughts

Author Topic: IAK's crazy coolness thread of thoughts  (Read 2893 times)


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IAK's crazy coolness thread of thoughts
« on: September 08, 2008, 08:22:35 PM »
ALL ARE ? of me, Iamkatara.

I will put anything and evreything i think up here. First I have a short story that I wrote last year. i'm hoping to get it published. ;D

By The Fire

As the wind grew faster and faster, young Cassidy James knew something was coming. A storm, probably not. She knew it was going to be something else. Her life was torn apart when her friend, Elizabeth Booth, was convicted of being a witch. She had to watch on as her friend was soaked in water and then drowned. Her hometown was Salem, Massachusetts. Her father was a pastor of the First Church of Salem and her mother was a housewife, never working a day in her life. Two years ago, young girls and women, some even Cassidy?s age, were being tried and convicted for practicing the ?dark arts?. Cassidy?s life is upside down, and she never knew when it was going to be right side up again.

Two years before
   There was a feint ringing of a school bell in the crisp 1692 October air. In Salem, Massachusetts, children from 6-19 were trading in school clothes for playing clothes. 16-year old Cassidy was running down the steps of the school, waiting for her best friend Elizabeth Booth to get out of class. ?Elizabeth! Come on! We?re going to be late for the games! I have to change out of this dress or my mother will kill me!? Elizabeth finally came out and they ran to their houses, which were right next to each other. ?I?ll meet you out on my porch in 5 minutes!? Cassidy said to her friend as they were sprinting down the loose dirt road.
She sprang through her front door and turned through the dining room, finally reaching the stairs. The James? stairs was a winding staircase, which for Cassidy meant a long walk up. She started slowly and surely, making sure to not trip on her school dress. If she ripped it, that meant a spanking, and even though she was 16, her parents would hit her whenever they had to. Finally, Cassidy got to her room. Her bed consisted of wrought iron bedposts with rare silk curtains to close when she needed her privacy. Her father, being the pastor had more money than most people do in a colonial town, so Cassidy was brought up very well. She, Elizabeth, and two other girls were the only girls in the whole town who went to school.
It took ten minutes for Cassidy to change out of her school dress and into her play clothes. She ran outside and met Elizabeth, sitting on Cassidy's mother's oak rocking chair. "Hey, you changed quickly.? Cassidy said with sly happiness. "Yes, I know. It took me only 3 minutes to change out of my dress. Then, another minute to put this dress on and run to your porch." Elizabeth smirked a bit, "I've been practicing." Cassidy grabbed Elizabeth?s hand and they ran off the porch onto the road. "Want to go into the woods today?" Elizabeth asked, as she jumped over a rock stuck in the ground. Cassidy looked at her weirdly. "Um, sure I guess." Both Cassidy and Elizabeth turned the corner and headed towards the forest near their town. As they passed the town limits, the dirt road turned into a dirt path, only wide enough to go single file.
   Cassidy almost tripped trying to meander her way along the path. She never really had time to go into the forest and she always thought it was kind of weird. Sometimes late at night, she would see a faint glow coming from the evergreen trees, but she never really questioned it until now. As they got closer to the trees, Cassidy could hear a faint murmuring, and realized the speech was almost melodic. ?Elizabeth, should we be going in there? I don?t really feel comfortable.? Elizabeth turned around. ?Fine chicken, go home then. Shows how courageous you are.? Cassidy was taken aback by Elizabeth?s comment. She had never spoken to her like that before. ?Fine, I?ll come.? Cassidy got back on the trail and ran a bit to catch up to Elizabeth. They entered the trees and were surrounded by complete darkness. ?Elizabeth, where are you?? Cassidy said with a little fear in her voice. ?Come on, I?m right here.? Elizabeth called back. ?Let?s go.?
   As they got farther and farther into the trees, Cassidy could see a fire, with two women, maybe in their twenties, dancing around it. ?Elizabeth, let?s turn back.? Cassidy was getting frightened now. Elizabeth turned around. ?Not now, let?s get a little closer first.? Elizabeth was acting strangely and Cassidy knew it, but she followed her. About ten feet later, Cassidy stepped on a branch and the women were alerted of their presence. The fire was doused with strange magic and the women were gone. Elizabeth turned to Cassidy, ?Do you see what you did? That looked so cool and you had to ruin it! Thanks a lot!? Elizabeth ran to the fire and started to pick up the strange objects the women were using, one of them a stick with bells around it. ?Elizabeth, put the things down! What if someone-. ? Cassidy?s words were cut short when she heard hooves coming from the opening to the town. ?Elizabeth, please put the stuff down!? Elizabeth turned to Cassidy and shot her a death stare. Something had taken over Elizabeth, and she would get in loads of trouble if anyone found her with the objects in her hands.
   Suddenly, Cassidy saw people on horseback coming through the trees with torches in their hands. ?Cassidy! Cassidy where are you?? Pastor James yelled through the trees. Cassidy turned and yelled back to her dad. ?Father! I?m over here. Please hurry!? Another minute passed and Cassidy?s father could be seen through the trees. ?Cassidy! What in God?s holy name are you doing in the forest! You should have been at the games. I trust you and this is how you repay me? Come!? Pastor James was just about to grab Cassidy until he saw Elizabeth with the women?s odd tools. ?Elizabeth! Come! I need to talk to you.? Pastor waited for Elizabeth to come to him and then grabbed her and put her on his horse. ?Men! We have found a witch!? Cassidy turned to her father. ?What? No father, you cannot do this.? Pastor James turned to his daughter and reprimanded her. ?Cassidy, you will never speak of this moment again. Not to anyone. You friend has been caught red handed, and if you dare speak an utterance about her innocence, you will be hit. Harder than ever before. Now go before I make you go.? Cassidy ran out of the forest, afraid of her father and of what was going to happen to Elizabeth. She ran to her house and sprinted up to her room. She flung herself onto her bed and started to cry. After a minute of this she got up and looked out her window, only to see her father and Elizabeth coming towards the town. Cassidy?s father called the town out. He started yelling about a witch and the town started cheering. Cassidy was afraid. Extremely afraid.

Chapter Two
   Two months have passed and Elizabeth was still in jail. Cassidy was living day through day in misery, crying herself to sleep every night, wondering what would come of her friend. Day after day, Elizabeth would be brought from the jail, to the lake, and sat in a wooden chair above a lake near the town. Repeatedly, she would be dunked under water until she would tell the truth. But what Cassidy concluded was that she was somehow attacked by the women's magic, not letting her tell anything and denying that she was a witch. Even her own parents now hated her and were disgusted by her. Twice now, Elizabeth had almost drowned, being kept underneath the water for too long. Then she would be taken to the town square, where she was tried, as well as stoned and spit at. Cassidy was only able to look on as her father glanced at her to make sure she was in line. Many times Cassidy was ready to open her mouth and tell everyone the truth, but she didn't, in fear of being hit.
   Many days passed, each day the hate getting worse. That was until May 17th, 1693. It's the last day Elizabeth would be alive. Most people didn't know this, but Cassidy did. She got up to get a glass of water around midnight, and heard her father speaking to someone. He said that the people, including him, were going to dunk Elizabeth in the lake with a weight around her ankle. If she rose and floated, she was a witch. If not, she was human.
   Cassidy may not have been extremely smart, but she wasn't an idiot. Elizabeth would be able to get the knot off her ankle and swim to the top in fear of her life. Once she rose, she would be declared a witch, and Cassidy would have to watch as her best friend was burned at the stake. She stopped thinking about it and went back to her book. Most people only had a few books, but Cassidy's father bought her over twenty books for Christmas one year. She had read all of them at least three times but kept going back to them. At this point she was reading about Egypt and the pyramids. She was amazed at the will and manpower the workers could produce. They built buildings much larger than the houses and businesses she had seen in her life.
   As she was thinking about the architectural wonders, she heard the town bells ring. Cassidy dropped her book and ran downstairs. She dashed outside and sprinted to the town square. Cassidy gasped. She had been reading so long, she had missed the people dunking Elizabeth in the lake. They were now preparing the fire in the middle of the town square. She stopped in her tracks and knelt on the floor. The realization that her best friend was going to die hit her like a ton of bricks. Fine tears started rolling down her face.
   She wiped away her tears and turned to a face a raging crowd, holding a writhing 17 year old who was dripping wet. Cassidy realized that it was Elizabeth and ran behind a bush so as not to be seen. Cassidy heard Elizabeth's heart-wrenching screams as the crowd got closer. She was shocked as she saw her father lead the crowd to the alter of wood and sticks. After a few minutes of spitting and throwing rocks at Elizabeth, they put her on the wood pole and held the flame near the wood. Cassidy's father spoke out, "Elizabeth Booth, do you redeem your ways and consent to a life led by God." Elizabeth let out a laugh that was almost demon-like. "Never!" Cassidy saw a flash of sadness in her father's eyes, and then it turned cold. "So be it. Elizabeth Booth, you are condemned to Hell!" The men beside the wood lit the sticks and the spark grew to a burning fire. Elizabeth screamed with agony as the flames reached her body. Cassidy forgot all thoughts and ran out, only about a few feet from the flames. "Elizabeth! No!" She fell to the floor and wept. She would never see her friend again. They would never race down a road and see who could get changed faster. Everything would be different from now on. Everything.


Cassidy, now 26, turned to her two girls. "Elizabeth, Rachel, get inside, it's deathly cold. Warm up by the fire. There we go." Cassidy went to the window and stared out into the trees. As she was just about to turn away, she saw a faint light coming from the shadow. She turned to her daughters, "Girls, stay here. I have to step outside for a second." She started walking down a narrow dirt path and had a mysterious sense of deja vu. As soon as she was out of eye shot she started to run. When she got to the trees, she slowed down, but did not give up. She twisted and turned through the knotted branches and stumbled and tripped over rocks stuck in the ground. As she got to an opening, the faint light became brighter. She heard a girl laugh with glee and heard bells jingle in the breeze. Cassidy couldn't help but smile. "Elizabeth..."


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Re: IAK's crazy coolness thread of thoughts
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2008, 09:08:18 PM »
So far I've read the prologue and it's really good! ;)

You know a lot about history, don't you?

What I know...
Massachusetts is where the Puritans ended up instead of Virginia, followed the beliefs of John Calvin...
Most of the colonists started out looking for gold instead of trying to survive which ended up in their death.
Squanto helped save and teach the Puritans how to survive...
Roger Williams and others separate to Rhode Island...

IDK I'm just being random... :P

I'll post more when I'm done reading!