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I type up two options that continues from "Would you rather...", and the next person chooses one of the options and posts up the next two options for the next person to respond. You can write a little explanation or description for choosing your option only if you want to, just to make it a little more interesting. Let the choosing begin!

listen to music or watch t.v.?

Listen to music... when watching T.V., one usually focuses mainly on that, both eyes and ears.  Whereas, when listening to music, one usually uses the ears alone, allowing them to pursue other activities in the process.  Plus, listening to music usually makes time move faster or not-so-fun activities (such as cleaning, homework, or exercising) seem a little funner.  =]

Tarantula or snake as a pet?

Hmmm. I don't like either but I would want a tarantula. Snakes, I would have to feed more stuff.

drink Starbucks coffee or Jamba juice?

I'd have to say Starbucks, since I don't know what Jamba Juice is.

Live in a 5x5 bedroom or share a 12x12 room with a younger sibling?

5x5 bedroom of course. Uh I would have no freaken privacy with a sibling in my room. I've experienced both before and I sure as heck love my own room.

eat sour patch candy or have hershey's milk chocolate with almonds?


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