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I know an article was posted before on this forum about M.Night Shyamalan falling for Media Rights Capital. We've discussed back and forth that we're all really well satisfied about M.Night's decisions. Then we kind of stopped discussing about the kind of products M.Night Shyamalan is going to write and produce for MRC and under his banner called "Night Chronicles". So I decided to post an topic and lets have each others ideas.

I would really really appreciate if no one takes things here personal and serious. Lets respect each others opinions and if someone is wrong we can correct them.

I love this idea of M.Night Shyamalan attached to NIGHT CHRONICLES. According to the article it was mentioned that M.Night Shyamalan will generate one thriller per year for three years. Shyamalan will produce but not direct, marking the first time he will produce a film he didn't write and helm. Shyamalan will create the stories and ideas for the films and pick the writers and directors; MRC will finance.

"These films will be based on ideas in keeping with what has made Night so successful, and has made him unique to his time. MRC will set up each project for distribution when Metzger and co-CEOs Modi Wiczyk and Asif Satchu feel it's best for the film.The projects aren't formalized, and no writers have yet been hired, but Shyamalan has at least two ideas that could become films. The Night Chronicles will be based near Philadelphia, where the filmmaker lives and works.

Once again its an great idea. If anyone can answer my questions.

* Night Chronicles will only hire writers those who are based in Philadelphia?
* What happens to "Blinding Edge Pictures"?

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
My guesses would be:

Yes. They will probably for writers and directors in the Philly area, or filmmakers willing to move to the area.

Secondly, Blinding Edge Pictures will exist. I think the Night Chronicles banner is only for those 3 movies. Night's individual movies, and of course the remaining Avatar films will be under Blinding Edge (in part at least.)

If you ask me, Night Chronicles is just a name for the serie movies he did not direct. Most of the time a director gets the most credit for a movie. By name all 3 movies a Night Chronicle, his name will be attached to it more clearly. I think that movies that he will direct, like The Last Airbender, will be produced by his own company 'Blinding Edge Pictures', and maybe even the 3 new movies will also be BEP.

I am glad that BEP is going to exist. And its a little sad that they only will hire writers who are based in Philly areas.

Well, that's the production area. You can't work with someone who is on the other side of the country.


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