Last Airbender Fans

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Last Airbender Fans
« on: December 22, 2008, 09:50:17 AM »

I love the TV show and the asian culture it represents! Please take us there! The real asian fantasy world! Exotic people, manners, religion, philosophy.

The world is changing - and this movie can make it happen! We all need to be educated to all races in the world to help us all live in PEACE and HARMONY!

This movie has all the PHILOSOPHY! Show it to us! Make all the main characters at least half asian, half caucasians, hispanic, native americans. We all can handle it and we need to see diversity in movies.

Aang does not look full caucasian - he is a nomad - he must be mixed. Show us how INUIT really looks like - IDK. EDUCATE US. ZUKO looks like he has a Japanese blood?

Everyone would want to see the cartoon characters come alive - that looks like them - that sound like them and the right ethnicity. Please don't make them look too american!

Educate us all and give a message to all that everyone is equal in God's eyes! We are!

Hollywood is powerful! Please use it to create PEACE AROUND THE WORLD! It's time for change!

Thank you and enjoy your holidays!


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Re: Last Airbender Fans
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Happy Holidays to you too. :D


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Re: Last Airbender Fans
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