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I was watching The Sixth Sense the other night. When it ended, I turned to my computer while the end credits where still playing. I noticed that in the end, you can hear the Spanish speaking 'dead man' from the tape of the session with Vincent again.
I can't really tell if he says the same thing (I don't want to die), but maybe someone else can confirm that?

I dunno..i havent found anything on google about it, but there is definitely speaking going on in the credits for LITW..itis very very low ( i could baaarely hear it with the volume up to 100) so there might be something on 6th sense

I'm pretty sure he repeats the same thing we hear in the movie: Io no quiero morir (don't know if spelled right)

I didn't notice anything in the Sixth Sense, but I'll have to go look.
Namaste, you mean during the song-The Times They Are A'Changin? There are words in the background, but I can't pick them out either.

The band that played the song (it was writen by Bob Dylan) is named 'A Whisper In The Noise'. The words in the background could be placed there by the band instead of by M. Night.
Would make sense to me...


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