Pride And Glory - Masterpiece in its own rights.

Author Topic: Pride And Glory - Masterpiece in its own rights.  (Read 1636 times)


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Pride And Glory - Masterpiece in its own rights.
« on: April 08, 2009, 08:46:11 PM »
Okay guys, lets face it this is not the first time you guys catching me right about my favorite movies. Well, I missed watching PRIDE AND GLORY when it released in theatres. Then I also missed actually buying the DVD when it was released on Jan of 2009. Finally, I bought myself a copy of this movie. I will be honest and brief here and will keep it SPOILER FREE.

I have respect for Edward Norton and Colin Farrell and after watching this movie last night I have realized that they are both perfect artists and actors. The focus and passion they have for this job is surprising. Best performance from Norton and Farrell. The rest of the cast gets WELL DONE performance rate from me.

Don't listen and believe the critics. Watch it. I strongly strongly recommend this movie. If you love action, drama, cops, emotions watch it. This is one of those movies you should keep it in your collections.

The director's focus on the plot and bring this into the big screen with well-talented actors is smart and educative. The guy knows how to direct.

It catches your attention throughtout the movie. I cried for Norton character and also I had to cry for Farrell's character even though he portrays the negative role. One of the best performances of his life. Its a movie that makes you think about right and wrong and then how complicated life or things can become.

Its Riveting, suspense filled, GOOD MOVIE, Scareface+Godfather II+Departed.

Watch it and if have not - you are missing one of the best performances.