Car hits crowd near Dutch Queen's bus

Author Topic: Car hits crowd near Dutch Queen's bus  (Read 2190 times)


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Car hits crowd near Dutch Queen's bus
« on: April 30, 2009, 10:50:55 AM »
April 30th, Queensday in Holland.

The whole country is celebrating the Queen's birthday (though her birthay is jan. 31th, we celebrate it today). The Queen and her family was visiting a city called Apeldoorn. At aproximly 12 o clock, a car broke through the people who where watching the Queen in her bus when she drove through the town.

The royal family is shocked, but unharmed, though the car came up to 5 meters from the bus. The car hit over 20 people, from whom at least 4 died and many badly injured.

It has been confirmed by the police that the driver had intentions to hit the Queens bus, yet there isn't any reason to believe it was terrorism.

I went to my town today, because the festival is all over the country, there was a big festival with DJ Armin van Buuren. We where there for about 20 min. when it got cancelled due to the attack in Apeldoorn.

BBC (English video)
More pictures:

I am shocked! This was live on television! I turned on the tv and saw the square where it happend with only policemen and medics. It took over 10 minutes before I knew what happend, because the people on the television hardly knew!
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