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I just watched the finale of scrubs and there was this one part when the janitor was talking about how he went "bowling with Shyamalan"...   He was saying the name wrong the entire time, then jd corrected him....  Just thought it would be worth mentioning...


Later! ;)

I love Scrubs, haven't seen the final episode yet though, but I will now :P

That episode of Scrubs was terrific!  By the way, they have renewed the series for a 9th season, to release mid-season (2010).  Should be interesting!

That scene about Shyamalan was hilarious.

Erik and Specter,

Have you guys had the chance to see any of the new season? What do you think about the new look?

I really liked it.  It was able to maintain the spirit and humor of the show, while introducing new cast members with ease.  I really hope that it comes back and is given a fair chance to thrive.


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