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When I first saw Signs, it was in a movie theatre on opening night.

I was disappointed- stuck on logical inconsistencies, disturbed by the somber silences, and very, very upset by the unexpectedly gut-wrenching scenes.  I?d not been ready for the movie.

When it came out on DVD, I bought it.  I didn?t take it out of the cellophane for an entire month.  When I did, I sat down with grim determination to give it another chance- not something I would have ordinarily done.
I am pleased to say that the second viewing was far more enjoyable (as were all subsequent viewings, which have been legion).  As with all of his movies, I seem to notice new and fascinating layers of complexity.  Although The Village is my favorite of his movies, Signs is often in the DVD player at my home.

That was pretty much the same for me,with the only difference that it has slowly become my favourite movie.

I watched SIGNS more than 20 times may be. Everytime I watch this movie with Bose system in my home, I get this feeling that I am standing in the corn field. Sound of insects, crickets. This is a awesome movie.

I loved it the first time I saw it. It's my all time favorite movie and I can't ever see it being replaced.

Signs was the first Shyamalan film I saw, and I loved it right from the beginning.  After I saw it I wanted to watch all of his other films and now am a die-hard Shyamalan fan.


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