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Hi M Night Fans,

My name is Chad Fleagle and have been a HUGE FAN of M. Night Shyamalan since I saw his film SIGNS. I'm 35 years old living in New Castle, Pennsylvania all my life. I think M. Night is one of thee best writers of our time. I fell in love with his LADY IN THE WATER film, and the very well crafted characters. I can honestly say I fell in love with Story. Being a screenwriter and writer of films very similar to M. Night's, it'd be so great to meet him in person. One of my short psychological/thriller short films is going to be produced by Contempovision early 2010. Does M. Night visits this site?

Is it possible to post stories here to get comments?

Hey, that's pretty cool that one of your scripts is getting turned into a short film.  Best of luck with that. 

Hello, sorry about my late reaction.


About your last question, it has not been confirmed that M. Night visits this site every now and then. Many people believe that he has an account and posts here by a pseudonym. I do not believe that, though I like to believe that he sometimes visits, but does not have an account or has one, but never posted.

That's cool about your writing! I'm a novelist too, though I've only got one book out at the moment, and that's just on I'm going to persue a more serious writing career after I finish college. I'd love to read some of your work if you posted it here, it sounds fascinating!

nice story.  you should right a long story that would be better i think :)


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