Philosophies on life gleaned from Shyamalan movies

Author Topic: Philosophies on life gleaned from Shyamalan movies  (Read 2090 times)


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Philosophies on life gleaned from Shyamalan movies
« on: August 04, 2009, 02:09:55 AM »
Thought I would share another convo I had with DrMalcomCrowe, heh. It was inspired.

 Max Agond:   i think shyamalan is gonna come out some day and tell us that all his movies have been about seeing
 Max Agond:  and im gonna be like "yeahh"
 DrMalcomCrowe:  with two h's
 Max Agond:    yup
 DrMalcomCrowe:  all suave and stuff
 DrMalcomCrowe:  in-the-know
 Max Agond:    yup, and looking up into the light in my FBI shirt
 DrMalcomCrowe:  haha right
 Max Agond:    we're all blind man..we dunno what's out there or what's coming, but we can't let it paralyze us..don't worry bout what might happen..only what needs to be done
 DrMalcomCrowe:  :)
 Max Agond:    cuz you gotta look at those people who fell..those who have failed..who never finished..and you gotta help em get where they're going, man
 DrMalcomCrowe:  true story
 Max Agond:    and don't let the problems of your childhood make u afraid, or make u bitter or angry, but do your best with what you have..find your strengths and what you were meant to do
 Max Agond:    don't look at things upside down or in the dark reflections of your past
 Max Agond:    and you gotta step out of your little cove sometimes, ya know? and see someone who comes from far want inspiration? don't hide from life. go looking for the supernatural, don't overlook your children for they are open to learn from the smallest things and the stories of the past
 Max Agond:    etc
 DrMalcomCrowe:  i want more! lol
 Max Agond:    i wont sludge together something from the happening lol
 Max Agond:    sometimes..when you just want more and more
 Max Agond:    you start settling for less and less
 Max Agond:    your short-sightedness will destroy you
 Max Agond:    learn to give and you shall receive..don't take without asking
 DrMalcomCrowe:  :)
 Max Agond:    don't overlook the people who love you..nothing is more important than love in this world
See the villain's larger eyes insinuating a just-off-normal perspective on how they see the world? I see signs Lucius Hunt; just not as you see dead people. I am so very happy we saw..each other, and no I will not tell you what color love is. Stop asking.