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The Wish Game

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Heres a game that I've seen on other forums, its really easy to do:

--- Quote ---1. The first person posts a wish.

2. The second poster grants the first wish, but with a twist so the granted wish is rendered useless. They then wish for something of thier own.

Poster #1: I wish I had a million dollars.

Poster #2: Granted, but you get it in pennies.
--- End quote ---

Then after they grant the wish with the twist, they make their own wish and so on.

I'll start

I wish I had X-Ray vision

granted, but uhh..your loved ones all get radiation poisoning when u look at them.

I wish I always had a full tank of gasoline in whatever car I'm driving

granted, but you get billed for it every month from the wish fairy ('cause she's the one constantly filling it)  ;D

i wish i could waterbend (yeah - i couldn't think of anything more imaginative at the moment  ;D)

The ability is granted, but unfortunately there are no masters to teach you the techniques.

I wish I could communicate with animals.

granted, but you fall off a cliff and die  ;D  Granted, but the animals feel you put yourself on too high of a pedestal, claiming to be the great ambassador between humans and animals.  They launch a revolution, and you soon find that you can never safely go out into nature again, so you live the rest of your life in a high security metal bunker.

I wish I would get cast in a movie


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