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What is your favorite deleted scene?

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If you have Unbreakable on DVD...then you've probably watched the deleted scenes on the special features disc. So what is your favorite scene?

Mr. Mirage:
All of them.
No, seriously. ALL OF THEM. This is one time where I would debate with MNS about the edited scenes. I wish I could get a copy of the DVD that would allow the deleted scenes to be shown where they belonged. (Maybe that would change my mind, but I doubt it.)

I really like the one where David is talking to the priest after the train accident.

Mine is the group of scenes that starts with Audrey calling David on the phone about a date. And I've seen all the scenes put together when G4 featured Unbreakable a  year or so ago. I was amazed. In fact, this led to my search of these scenes on my Unbreakable special disc.


I didn't know they showed a version on tv with the deleted scenes, that's cool.


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