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Where is everyone?

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This forum is slowly dying. No posts anymore and no members anymore. Can we do something about it. May be we should change the look of the site and the forum to draw more attention. I know there lots M.Night fans out there.

Let's make it better.

This happend about 6 months before The Happening was released too.
They will come back and new people will sign up when TLA was released ;-)

Anyway, I'm still here. Reading new posts almost every day, but I often have nothing to say, so I don't.

Members appear and then they are gone for good.

I'm trying to get back on this site more often, but sometimes I'm just to busy.  Also, it seems like most of the members are younger kids in the Avatar section, which is fine, but not as much going on about his other films.

personally, this is smack in the middle of school season
(even avatar fans have to learn about Algebra, etc. sometime)

as you mentioned, many members are avatar folk so they'll probably return right before the movie comes out and continue throughout the summer

make no mistake, i still check the news on the home page but i don't have time to check the forums

but you probably figured out everything i just wrote anyway


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