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Dear staff,

In Holland, we have this community site called Hyves. It's like a Dutch-only version of MySpace. On this site, there are personal pages, but you can also make pages for anything you like and people can join them (they are some kind of user groups).
For about 4 years now, there is a page dedicated to M. Night, which was supervised by someone I do not know (not a forum member, but he checks here every once in a while). He stopped supervising, and gave the page to me. Now I'm in charge.

I updated and restyled the whole page and I am now hoping to be working together with you in the future. That I can post (and translate) news items from this site to the Hyves page (ofcourse place a link to here).
Maybe we can use the Hyves page as some kind of small Dutch version of Mnightfans?

Let me know what you think. ;)

Here is the page: but it is in Dutch...
Still needs a little work though...

Hello staff?

That looks good.  As long as you give credit to us as the source of the article whenever appropriate, I'm fine with it.


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