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Elijah's good qualities

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When I watched the special features section 'Behind the scenes'...M. Night comment's the villain has 'good' qualities...but what were they? Elijah seems to be a pretty bad guy to me...unless its just a comment on his intelligence or drive...but if its meant in a 'moral' sense...that can't be right.

What do you think?


Well, in a short way;

Elijah found a hero. He placed him in a position where he can protect people from evil and harm. He guided him into the path of good. Actually, the only bad thing about him is the way he tried to find the hero (and eventually did).

But David was already protecting people as a security guard. In fact, David's job was another point that convinced Elijah  he may be the  hero he was searching for. I grant...he did seem to help David discover his 'true calling.'..but I don't know if the 'means justifies the ends' here. When get down to it...isn't Elijah a mass murderer/serial killer type?


You can't compare a security guard with a super hero.

Another 'good quality': if you take a villian like The Joker in The Dark Knight. If you would ask him directions because your lost, I don't think he'd help you. Elijah probably will.

Most of the time, Elijah is not a bad person.

Would Elijah give me directions. If he was willing to  stop what he doing, yea. But even if he did...if he felt the question was stupid...he'd probably answer with obvious contempt in his voice.  Remember the Businessman in his gallery...another thing...I'm not so sure Elijah  handles 'the ordinary' very well. And I think giving directions fits under that heading.

Elijah himself was far from ordinary. What he didn't want to be was some kind of 'freak of nature.' He wanted to have a purpose...a purpose for...a reason for why he was afflicted the way he was...that's why it was so important to find define his very existence...WHY AM I HERE.

the difference between a super hero and a security guard...a point I need to think about. 


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