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« on: May 10, 2010, 10:21:30 PM »
If you would like to know more: http://www.flickchart.com/faq
Site: Flickchart.com

Have you guys heard of this site? It's very easy to use and addictive. I love it! Rank the movies you've seen and create your top 20. The more you rank the more power you have over the overall rankings. Btw, according to flickchart users, these are the top 100 films: http://www.flickchart.com/Charts.aspx?perpage=100

Right now, M. Night has one film in the top 100: The Sixth Sense. And it's around 50. Unbreakable is the next up, at around 150, and Signs follows at around 230. Not sure about the others. Together we could make M. Night's films rank higher.  ;D

If you guys are interested, add me as a Flickchart friend: http://www.flickchart.com/JRM

There's surprisingly a lot of movie stuff to check out. It's my new favorite time waster. Lol.