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Mr. Heep:
...Relating to M. Knight, of course. Seems like I'm resurrecting this section a bit.

Anyway, I've done a lot more than just these, but seeing as this is my first post it seems appropriate to start with something related to why I joined. ;)

First thing I ever did relating to something Shyamalan happened to be for "The Village":

Then never got into anything else much for a few years afterward (relating to Shyamalan work) until I saw LitW... for the second time, 4 years after it was made. First viewing I thought, "Oh. Nice movie." Second viewing a few months later, "*balling at the end*". And so I spent 6 straight hours making this wallpaper.

Here's the original.

And then I made my banner for this site (I'll post it since I might change it later):

And that's all I've got relating to Shyamalan. Since I've become increasingly obsessed with Unbreakable and LitW relatively recently, I'll probably be making more banners/walls in the future. Until then, "Hi! I'm new. ;D"

Nice photoshops! LitW is the best movie ever! :)


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