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Bradly Cooper's Character.

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Cooper's Character. A father on desparate search for his missing child and supernatural happens.

Why Bradley Cooper? I like the dude, but can he pull it off in a M.Night Shyamalan film?

The only movie I saw him in was The Hangover, so I have no idea.

Who's Bradley Cooper? :P

He also appeared for a few seasons on J.J. Abrams' Alias.  He was very good on that show.  Kitchen Confidential not so much, but that was more of a problem with the content of the show and not his acting.  He did a good job with what he was given for The A-Team, but that was a two dimensional role to begin with.

Never saw Alias, but looking at his resume, he doesnt really have much experience in dramatic roles.  He has been in a horror film though, Midnight Meat Train, that I never saw, but found a clip to it: (WARNING: HAS SOME LANGUAGE)

I personally like the guy, but I do worry a little bit about how he seems to fall back on his huge smile and big eyes routine. He just always seems like he is similing.


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