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do not presume that i know much about reviewing a movie. i don't consider myself to be a good writer.
but here is my opinion on the movie.

i enjoyed it very much. it was a solid movie all the way through. when i went into it, i thought that the choice of actors, excluding Dev Pattel, was gonna bring the movie down a lot. i was pleasantly surprised that i only cringed twice. the movie wasn't overly humorous which is a good thing. The story was fast. clean, and as always the directing was great.
what did i learn from this movie... same thing i ve learned over and over from Shyamalan's movies.....he is my favorite. i highly recommend this movie to any fan of the show.

p.s. the critics are terrible human beings and should be publicly stoned for all to see....all of em.

Thankyou ;)

Why isn't this forum sprouting with life again? ???


--- Quote from: Kuzon on July 01, 2010, 01:57:12 AM ---Thankyou ;)

Why isn't this forum sprouting with life again? ???

--- End quote ---

Honestly, I think M. Night has lost a ton of fans lately. Disappointment after disappointment for those who have been holding out hope for a comeback.

I think that is a fair assessment.  I had a pretty horrible audience when I went to the movie.  One kid was distracting the whole time, and kept slapping himself in the leg or the head whenever characters said their names.  I think it's a fine movie.  It's not quite as epic as I had hoped, but it was good.

As for the forums, you're likely correct.  Not a lot of people have much respect for M. Night these days, and it appears that this movie isn't going to do him any favors.  I think another reason is that forums are quickly becoming a thing of the past with websites like this.  Things like facebook and twitter make it easy to just click to become part of something, and all people want to do is discuss what they're interested in and they don't really need to go searching very far for a place to do that anymore.

I'm gonna have to agree with you, Specter.  This movie isn't gonna do him many favors. 

It just didn't even feel like an M Night Shyamalan movie to me.  It just felt so....hollow.

But, as long as this site is still around, I'll keep poking my head in to give my 2 cents every now and then.


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