Worst movie ever ???

Author Topic: Worst movie ever ???  (Read 13949 times)


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Re: Worst movie ever ???
« Reply #45 on: August 19, 2010, 07:41:47 AM »
Here's a worse film than TLAB. I give you, Sharktopus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK2bBfuepKk

Wow,I haven't seen The Last Airbender yet,but I think I can trust you,lol.
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Re: Worst movie ever ???
« Reply #46 on: September 09, 2010, 06:08:39 PM »
I posted this on the Facebook page but it sums up my feelings about 'The Last Airbender' so I will cut and paste it here:

Look, I understand alot of the critical bashing this film is getting from the fans of the animated series...yes, there should have been continuity with the series as far as the pronuciation of character names...yes, there should have been more character development between Sokka, Katara and Aang (and Appa for that matter) and yes, something seemed missing...a certain spark...the movie was flat overall, but it wasn't as bad as all the bandwagon haters are making it out to be...I liked this film better than either of the Narnia movies...I liked this film better than the first Harry Potter movie and it is M.Night's 3rd or 4th best film (which isn't saying much given his last few movies before Airbender)...it was flat like 'The Phantom Menace' was flat or 'Iron Man 2'...it was downright good compared to "Transformers 2" and "Spiderman 3"!  I understand that as a fan of the animated series we all hoped for much more, but M.Night's take on this isn't a deal breaker...the movies can be saved. The Potter series has used multiple directors.  M. Night's original screenplay was a 7 hour movie that threw in most of the major plot points of season 1, but you either had to do this series Harry Potter style and make each season of the show two 2 hour movies (for a total of six films which is the route Paramount should have gone) or you get what we got which is condensing a 20 episode season into one movie running an 1 hr and 40 mins.  Translating all of season 1 of the animated series into one live action film was a daunting task that should have been left to more capable hands, but I thought M.Night did a respectible job...it certainly can be salvaged as a movie series and it certainly isn't the worst movie of all-time as most are making it out to be.  Expectations were high and M.Night hasn't lived up to high expectations since 'Unbreakable' but 'The Last Airbender' is over $250 million worldwide so we haven't seen the last of the movie version of the beloved animated series.