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Last Airbender 2


I thought the first movie was great. The effects were good, the martial arts were good. Of course, the movie was kind of short. It's obvious that the movie had cut a lot of informations comprising from the cartoon series. But overall, I believe that we should not criticize this movie but instead enourage Mr M. Night to make a second one.

I am sure the 2nd one would be better as expectations would be higher:) What do you think?

I would like a sequel. I also think there might be a better forum for this thread to go in, but I'm no moderator so I'll go withh it. ;)

We will remove this thread and make it seperate once Paramount announces the plans for the sequel.

Wouldn't it be better to make a 'The Last Airbender 2' subforum anyway. If Paramount decides to never produce the sequel, we can move the subforum to archived, just like 'Life Of Pi'.


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