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Hey I'm glad i can finally post here: D

Anyways by the topic title you can probably guess what this is about. I'm getting sick of all the hate M. Night Shyamalan gets. Seriously. I look up articles on Devil, and someone always has to say that Shyamalan sucks. I'm mean its fine if you don't like his movies but dude. If you don't like M. Night why are you on a article about him? I'm mean directors i don't like I stay away from.

I guess I'm just fed up with all of it. I don't get it honestly. I'm my opinion all his movies (haven't seen TLA)) are awesome. I can understand some of the hate on The happening, but the Village was one of the best movies i've ever seen and people at my school say its the dumbest movie ever. I say its amazing and the seniors in my English class (we watched the Village last week) say I'm too young (im 15) to understand good movies. I just can't find much wrong with. I guess the twist turned alot of people off. Or something.

AND i can't stand it when people hate on water killing aliens in signs. I don't see the big deal. Like it makes more sense then war of the worlds. Salt water could maybe have no effect on them OR they never had water on their planet so they had no idea what it was. Maybe their planet was dieing and they needed to harvest a new one quickly. There's many reasons. Did those people wake up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, breathing heavily saying "Why did water kill aliens? THIS IS A HUGE DEAL MAN!!"

Oh well I can't really do much besides argue with the regular hater on the internet or my school. I'm just glad I joined a site with FANS of M. Night, not haters   :D

You're welcome here, friend. :) I love Shyamalan too, and I think the haters are just freaks with no lives. I will say TLA has a bad script but other than that it's fine. And like all his movies, the more you watch them the better they get.

And I love the Village too. LITW is my favorite of all, but Village and Unbreakable tie at a close second.

I love LITW. I didn't like it at first but i watch it again an its my 3rd fav movie behind Signs and Unbreakable. The happening is also awesome. I thought the story was pretty good. Plants getting revenge on humans for all the pollution. Mark walhberg acting kinda bad though :/ Still the music (like all Newton howard music) rules :D

Yeah, Happening was, according to this interview I read from Shyamalan the day it came out, supposed to be a B Film, an over the top satire. The audience I saw it with laughed like they were watching a comedy. A bit twisted, but at least everyone came out of the theatre happy instead of griping.

Ahh a B movie. Well played Mr. Shyamalan.....


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