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So "Unbreakable 2" will never happen now, right?

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I don't understand why people are so happy about Shyamalan "cannibalizing" the idea of a plot from Unbreakable 2 into one of the Night Chronicle movies. A movie that he's not even writing nor directing.

Basically, this means he will never make Unbreakable 2, right? But he will save his smart idea for another movie? That's so dumb and disappointing!

I suppose. Man i really want a legit Unbreakable 2 all by shyamalan. Written, produced, direct, all that stuff :(

I think it's fine because 1. Sequels can often ruin a franchise for its fans, so now Unbreakable will be forever untainted, and 2. We still get the story he was thinking about. It's better than never seeing it at all, or seeing it and thinking "I don't really think it came close to Unbreakable 1".


--- Quote from: Imalshen on September 13, 2010, 05:36:34 PM ---1. Sequels can often ruin a franchise for its fans

--- End quote ---

So true.I totally agree.

I don't know the details...please share. But my 1st thought...if I get to hear more about David Dunn...then I'm happy about that idea. But I would prefer a sequel/prequel



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