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Re: What did the Devil say? - "Spoiler Discussion"
« Reply #15 on: October 05, 2010, 07:48:31 PM »
I just think there could be much more delicate way of finding out Tony's name (like finding a card or a note in his bag or something like that) other than introducing a completely new character that has no connection to other developments in the movie and just appears and says: "Hi, I am Tony's girlfriend. So he is a real person, not the Devil. Good bye".


I don't know; I thought that the girlfriend's presence was a pretty important one.  Having her there, accompanied with the line "He kills the last person in front of their loved ones" (or whatever it was) added some more tension because the audience is sitting there wondering if the only character that has something to lose (his fiance) is going to be killed. 

Not only that, but her telling us his name is such a great way to reveal he was the "Janekowsky" they saw on the sign-in sheet.  Not only that, but with her there, and the young girl dead in the elevator, the audience has that moment of "Now what?  he's the one with the loved one, how can he die now?  How could he be the devil?"