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Meet And Greet "Wishes" with M.Night Shyamalan

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Since few of you brought this idea up on the "Reincarnate" thread I thought to open a thread for the topic. Now, is not officially sure we will be able to meet Shyamalan and do a meet and greet with him, but we can discuss about it. About the possibilities, questions you might have and want to ask Shyamalan.

Personally, I would love to have to sit in a round table discussion with M.Night Shyamalan afterall we are all fans of his work and will always be and I am sure that M.Night Shyamalan will appreciate it since we appreciate his work, his dedication and his love for cinema.

Teddy have met Shyamalan few times and I have asked him about Shyamalan's personality and I was told that he is a chilled and a laid back individual and who likes to laugh and talk about films. There is a possibility.

So post your comments, ideas and questions. "Who knows may be some day in future will get the chance to discuss with Shyamalan".

Meet and greet would totally rock my socks, but even an online web chat or something would be great too. I know a lot of authors who do that so people who can't get travel easily can still "Attend".

That would be amazing. From reading the posts here, I get the impression many Shyamalan fans are aspiring writers or filmmakers of one kind or another, or at least serious movie fans. I'm sure there would be lots of good questions.   

Not just an aspiring writer! I am a writer! Though I'm still aspiring for the title of "full time author". Hahaha

Seriously though, there's so much I want to ask him about Lady and Village, and Unbreakable as well...and my big question is would he ever consider a crossover film-like have Cole Sear run into Cleveland Heep or something. Even if it was just a passing-on-the-street kind of move, with a new character bumping into an old one, it would be wicked.

What kind of things would you guys ask?

I'd have lots of questions about The Village since it's my favorite, how he comes up with his ideas and about what new projects he's working on.


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