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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - M. Night Shyamalan is in Hollywood this week putting together his next directorial effort which will see him working with Will Smith.

But it won't be the secret untitled project he shopped around in June. That script, which came with Bruce Willis, Bradley Cooper and Gwyneth Paltrow loosely attached, never found a buyer and was quietly shelved.

That's not to say Shyamalan has lost his love for secrecy -- sources are saying Shyamalan is developing an ultra clandestine sci-fi project titled "One Thousand A. E." at Smith's Overbrook production company.

It would star Smith's son, Jaden, who headlined the hit remake of "Karate Kid." There is a key role for a male adult, although sources said Will Smith is not taking it on.

As was also the case with recent film "The Last Airbender," Shyamalan did not write "A.E." That honor goes to Gary Whitta, who wrote "The Book of Eli" and a Kurt Russell project in development called "Undying."

"A.E." has no studio home yet although Overbrook has a first-look deal with Sony, which will likely be its home.

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Okay, this is an interesting change of events. This will be the first ever directed, but not written by Night project. It's a sci-fi, starring Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son), written by Gary Whitta.

Now, it's probably common knowledge for someone who has English as first language, but where does the A.E. stand for?

I think A.E. probably means "after Earth" since it looks like a date and I've seen AE used as after Earth in movies like "Titan A E"

Dr Malcolm Crowe:
Is Gary Whitta writing the script based off a story of Night's?

I have nothing to really back this up, but it seems like Night will only be directing this one.

Which makes me wonder how this all came about.  Did Will Smith approach Night to direct?  How did this come to be?


--- Quote from: Dr Malcolm Crowe on October 23, 2010, 11:21:43 PM ---Is Gary Whitta writing the script based off a story of Night's?

--- End quote ---

That's a good question and I never thought about it, but if Gary is writing this script based off a story of Night's then that means that this project is linked under "The Night Chronicles'. And, according to the official website and various news and articles that we have been publishing and reading "The Night Chronicles" is a banner where Night gives ideas and others write them and direct them. So, 1000 A.E. doesn't fit that category because it has Will Smith's OVERBROOK banner is producing it and I am sure "Blinding Edge Pictures" is also attach to do something about it. And, they are currently seeking a studio to do its ditributions worldwide.

I think it's Gary's script and he took it to Will Smith and Will Smith approached Night for it since the main character is a young boy and Smith thought that who else could be better than Night to direct his son.


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